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Current Openings

If you’re hard-working,telented and are looking to make a utilise your skills, you might want to consider working with us. We’re searching for the best and brightest, the most committed, and the folks that know what it takes to produce the best results the first time. At the end of the day, it’s all about client results. We’re currently taking applications for following posts:

  • Job Openings For Drivers

    अनुभवी बॅचधारक बसचालक, टी.आर. लायसन्सधारक कॅबचालक अर्जंट पाहिजेत.

    लोकेशन: खराडी, वाघोली, वारजे, कोथरूड, कात्रज, पीसीएमसी स्थित असावेत.

    संपर्क: 9850488597

  • Job Openings For Mechanics

    अनुभवी मेकॅनिक (टाटा/ फोर्स) अर्जंट पाहिजेत.

    संपर्क: 9850488597


Our Clients

We have a close knit and strong supply chain, proud to be with us So you can rest Assured, whether in Pune or abroad, the best quality arrangements are always yours.